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About Us

Michelle Fraiser – Director and Higher Court Advocate

I have been qualified since 1998 having been duped by many glamorous episodes of LA Law. The harsh reality of attending the police station in the middle of the night and then trying to look bright eyed and bushy tailed for court the next day is not quite so easy to achieve with only the help of the Max Factor products and not the max factor facial artist to go with it! Nonetheless with a mortgage to pay I wouldn’t want to do anything else. I have been in private practice throughout, becoming a partner at my former firm, Sherwood Dunham, and now Carter Osborne Limited. I have dealt with, and continue to deal with a wide range of cases from murder to motoring and road traffic. I was pleased to be granted my Higher Rights of Audience which allows me to provide a service to the clients from the Police Station to the Crown Court. I enjoy a challenge and I have to say most of the time the job does not let me down. This is now more true than ever with the recent changes. Not feeling I had enough hours of my day filled and enough wrinkles created by my job I felt expansion would help shorten my life appropriately! In all seriousness the dynamics of the new practise will ensure the high standards we have achieved are maintained and strengthened.

Andrew Gibson – Director and Higher Court Advocate

Having grown up on the Eastern District in Northampton and being a book worm who wore glasses, I quickly learned to be a quick thinking negotiator. I put this to good use when becoming a carpet salesman at 15 years of age. I realised my ability to talk could not only save my good looks, but also earn me money. After finishing university I eventually worked as a Case BuiIder for Northants Police and I soon decided I wanted to work for the side of “truth and justice”. When invited to join R.J Osborne & Co my dream became a reality, I completed my training contract in the minimum time possible and worked my way up to being a Partner with the Firm. I always wanted to be a criminal lawyer having been fooled by LA Law and Matlock and whilst the reality is not quite as glamorous I can never say that I am bored and would never want to do anything else. With the expansion into Carter Osborne I am pleased to be part of a strong team of experienced and highly respected staff which will grow from strength to strength.

Alistair Evans – Director and Higher Court Advocate

I am a criminal lawyer of 20 years experience having studied law at Cardiff University and then completed my articles in Kettering. It was here that I realised I wanted to be a criminal lawyer. It was much more exciting than other area’s of law! I have spent most of the time since then prosecuting but I have now “seen the light” and moved over to defence work again. It has been a great experience- even getting used to those late police station nights! I believe that the average person on the street should have their rights looked after and really wanted to move into that area of work. I have not been disappointed. I have experienced all types of criminal work and have a considerable amount of local knowledge. It’s great being part of Carter Osborne where everyone pulls together for the client.

John Whiston – Consultant and Higher Court Advocate

I qualified as a solicitor in 1979 having trained with a firm with offices in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire. My interest has always been criminal law and probably dates from my first proper job which was in the Probation Service in Greater Manchester. Having been a Magistrates Court Clerk, a Prosecutor and for the last 23 years a Defence Advocate I can claim to be well experienced and to have seen most things at least twice. In my spare time (which isn’t much) I confess to enjoying a relaxing beer- which may also explain my double vision. I enjoy client contact and get my job satisfaction from doing my best for my clients whose children and grandchildren I am sometimes called upon to represent.

Liam Muir – Director and Higher Court Advocate

Liam qualified as a solicitor and Higher Court Advocate having completed his professional training with us.  He was already experienced at the police station and has now gained very quickly significant training in both the magistrates courts and the Crown Court.  Indeed he has already assisted as junior on an Attempt Murder Trial and a case involving many sexual allegations and won a serious Fraud case and a serious Conspiracy to Supply Drugs Case.

William Falshaw – Counsel

William works independently for local Chambers as well as working part time for us.  He assists with police station, magistrates and Crown Court cases providing further depth of experience to the team.

Neil Clark – Director and Solicitor

I qualified as a solicitor in 1980. I started my own general legal practice in 1984 but eventually chose to specialise in criminal law and mental health law. For far too many years I travelled all over England representing clients in courts and psychiatric hospitals. My practice eventually merged with another successful legal practice in Northampton when I chose to concentrate my efforts in the field of criminal law. My range of work now takes me from advising in police stations outside normal working hours to representing in trials during working hours. It is work I greatly enjoy and I am pleased to say that the long tradition of successful outcomes continue to this day. I am always prepared to assist those who require legal assistance in the field of criminal law as indeed are my friends and colleagues at this leading criminal practice.

Gill Walker – Director and Higher Court Advocate

I left school at 18 by chance got a job with a solicitor and was appointed a clerk dealing with criminal defences and family work. Decided to get a degree and went to night school for 4 years whilst working full time. I had to leave that job to go to law school full time for a year. Because I was also a Fellow of the Institute of Legal Executives I did not have to do a training contract and when I passed my finals was admitted as a Solicitor.

I then decided to take a job prosecuting to see it from the other side of the fence. Then worked defending at Toller’s Northamptonshire (Toller Hales and Colcutt as it was then) dealing with crime and family.Decided I wanted my own firm so opened Gill Walker and Co in 1991. Closed that in 2000 (enough of admin!) Went to Lawrence’s for 3 years and joined RJ Osborne and Co in 2003. During my time with R.J.Osborne &Co I have continued to work hard to provide our clients with the foremost service possible and have now made my grand entrance into the Crown Court by achieving my Higher Rights of Audience. I know that Carter Osborne Limited brings together two great firms and what really matters in my job is that I provide the best service possible and to do this you need a great team and that’s what we have. What really matters in my job where I can make a difference it is not just you its the team that you have and we have a great team I am very lucky.

Caroline McGann – Consultant and Duty Solicitor

Caroline ran her own extremely successful busy practice, McGanns Law, until 2017 when she decided that trying to run a practice was preventing her from actually doing the job she loves and qualified to do. We are absolutely delighted to have her as part of our team and gain from her experience in all aspects on a daily basis.

Catherine Tuckwood – Consultant and Duty Solicitor

Catherine joins us to add even more experience as another duty solicitor to this very strong team.

Our team are able to assist you at the Police Station, the Magistrates Court and also the Crown Court and provide a cradle to grave service.  Michelle, Andy, Gill, John, Alistair and Liam all have their higher rights. The whole team will be able to assist at any venue providing depth of coverage, service and experience.

“professional at all times”– customer testimony